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The project we were assigned was to pick a game and try to clone a game as much of it as we could in a short amount of time. The game we decided to clone was Overcooked cooperative cooking game that involves players working together to create as many dishes as they can in a short time limit. Something we took away from this project was to understand the scope of what we could do we wanted originally to do one the more advanced levels with additional ingredients and harder recipes but we found out that every step of the cooking process is something that requires many models, scripts and a painful amount of debugging. We picked Overcook because we thought its simple gameplay we be easy to replicate but we learned that under its simple premise lied many interactions that had to be handled. Despite this overlook, we took it down piece by piece and tried to recreate as much of our game in the given time. Though our game was not able to replicate every aspect we wanted it is a clone that feels as if it is an early prototype of Overcooked. Though it is a buggy mess we hope you get some joy out of our version of Overcooked.
Player 1 Movement: WASD
Player 1 Interaction: E
Player 2 Movement: IJKL
Player 2 Interaction: O


Mac_Build.zip 18 MB
Windows_Build2.zip 14 MB