Intermediate Game Development Midterm: For my game, I decided to create a simulation of my first job which was working the back of a cheese shop over in Westchester. The game is in first person and is controlled by WASD keys. The game will play out by customers walking into the store and giving their order, your job is to go to the back and grab their orders. You can achieve this by walking up to the type of cheese you want ”Gouda Swiss or Cheddar” and moving a bit to the right of it and press the Q to cut off a piece then press E to pick it up. After that bring the cheese to the checkout basket by the counter and drop it in with either the left or right mouse button. A new customer will walk in after the next one’s order is finished. Be careful and try not to bump into anything while holding the cheese or you will drop it on the ground and it will be worthless “which I did on my first day” and do not mess up the customer’s order or take too long getting them their cheese because you are timed. After the last customer gets their order you win and your shift is over. Have Fun.

This game was a lot of fun to make but at the same time drove me slightly insane. I created some AI scripts which were a first for me so that gave me the most stress and took up most of my time getting every little piece right. But it was cool creating the models of the cheese and rebuilding the store from my memory. As I play tested it I mastered the game so I adjusted the time limits for those who can’t maneuver and grab everything at the rate I can. Over all, I did enjoy the final project.

Extra the music was made by a good friend of mine his name is Nicholas Olmoz so to give him credit here is a link

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